Home Sweet Home

"Home is where the heart is".

So the saying goes.
I don't think anyone knows the genesis of that over-used but perpetually honest quote,
but I'm sure thats half the reason we hate cliches.
Most are true.




We've called Venice home for over 6 years but the roots run much deeper.
Founder Garrett Leight was raised on these colorful streets.
Going so far as to add 90291 to the core wire of his eponymous brand.

There's much about the west coast and southern California that draw stereotypes. Venice is the exception to rule. Sure you will find the bros in neon tanks fist pumping, the tourists taking photos of the arbitrary, the wetsuit clad localists, palms stretching fingers toward a cloudless sky. But scratch even a bit off the surface and a brilliance shines through if you know how to look.



Of course the landscape is changing; it always has. The money's coming; as it always does. Though the creative people with a passion for creating new things based around a true love for what they do is why Venice will always be our home.






Photos: Ron Moon   Words: Ryan Ford